National Energy Board or NEB

The National Energy Board (NEB) is a federal regulatory tribunal with regulatory powers under the National Energy Board Act (NEB Act), including declaration of significant and commercial discoveries of oil and natural gas, the certification of interprovincial and international pipelines and designated international power lines, and the setting of tolls and tariffs for oil and gas pipelines under federal jurisdiction.

The NEB Act also requires that the NEB keep under review the Canadian supply of all major energy commodities, with emphasis on electricity, oil, natural gas, and the by-products derived from oil and natural gas, as well as the demand for Canadian energy in Canada and in export markets.

The NEB’s responsibilities under the Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act (COGOA) and certain provisions of the Canada Petroleum Resources Act (CPRA) encompass the granting of authorizations for the exploration of oil and natural gas, the regulation of development, production and transportation of oil and gas on non-accord frontier lands in a manner that promotes safety of the worker, protection of the environment, and conservation of hydrocarbon resources. The NEB also has specific responsibilities under the Northern Pipeline Act and the Energy Administration Act. In addition, NEB inspectors have been appointed safety officers by the Ministry of Labour to administer Part II of the Canada Labour Code.

The NEB’s Frontier Information Office (FIO) is a contact point for companies seeking technical information on oil and gas activities regulated by the NEB. The FIO maintains computer databases and microfilm files of industry reports on geological, geophysical and drilling operations on frontier lands. Services available through the FIO include: referrals to the appropriate parties for authorizations of oil and gas exploration operations on frontier lands; access to reference collection of released oil and gas technical reports submitted by industry; a private viewing room available by appointment for searching reports; self-serve printing of paper copies from microfilm; and information packages for Northern rights issuance on behalf of DIAND. Requests for publications and information should be directed to the NEB.