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  • Reasons for Seasonal Fluctuations in Oil Prices


    Many people wonder about the high price of oil. But, is it really high? The main controls on oil price are supply, demand, the value of the dollar and OPEC […]

  • Why Oil is so Important and Why Prices Rise


    It is difficult to estimate how great a role the price of crude oil plays in all aspects of our lives. If the cost of oil goes up, so too […]

  • Due Diligence on Oil Investing

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    If you are considering investing in oil but haven’t decided whether or not it’s the right thing to do, think about the guy who has to commute to work every […]

  • Investment in Oil and Gas – A Brief Word


    Investment in oil and gas can be a highly profitable venture for the accredited investor, but there are risks. Because of the profitability investment in oil and gas can create, […]

  • The USA Needs More Oil

    Here in the USA, we use more oil than we currently produce. In late 2012, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that the US produced around 7.03 million barrels […]